New Costume Pikachu Revealed in Pokemon Go Datamine for Go Fest 2023

A recent datamine for Pokemon Go has unearthed information on a new costume for Pikachu that will be available in conjunction with Mega Diancie at the Go Fest 2023 event. The Pokemon Go Fest 2023 is drawing near, and various events will be held worldwide in August, including gatherings in New York City, London, and Osaka.

The Rock/Fairy-type Pokemon Carbink will make its first appearance, along with the Generation 6 Mythical Pokemon Diancie, at the Go Fest event that will take place in 2023. Information obtained from a recently discovered data mine for Pokemon Go shows that the mobile game will receive yet another version of costume Pikachu with the release of Go Fest 2023. This time, Pikachu will be donning another Summer shirt.

The datamine for Pokemon Go has revealed a new costume for Pikachu

The files for the male, female, and Shiny varieties of Pikachu dressed in a Summer shirt were sent out by PokeMiners on Twitter, where the data mine originated. To be more specific, this outfit is an alternative coloration of the Okinawan Kariyushi Shirt Pikachu that was released during the Air Adventures Okinawa event.

It is important to note that the Okinawan Kariyushi Shirt Pikachu was not sold anywhere except in Japan. This is because the Air Adventures event, in which it made its premiere, was only held in Okinawa. Trainers worldwide can now get their hands on a Pikachu dressed up in similar attire. Fans may also view files for Mega Diancie and Shiny Mega Diancie, giving them an early glimpse at the Mythical Pokemon’s Mega form and Shiny form, which will be accessible during Go Fest 2023. Mega Diancie and Shiny Mega Diancie can be seen in the files.

At the time of this writing, it is unknown how one will get the new event Pikachu accessible during Go Fest 2023; nevertheless, this is not the first time that a unique Pikachu has been made available through Go Fest. Fans will recall that Pikachu Pop Star or Rock Star was made available to trainers who acquired a ticket for Go Fest 2021; hence, it is possible that this new event will also make Pikachu available in a similar fashion in the future. Players must sit tight for now and watch if Niantic reveals any information about this new Pikachu before Go Fest 2023.

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