Pokémon Go Bug Causes Controversial Visual Glitch in Tyranitar’s Attacks on Mewtwo

As a result of a bug in the gym battles in Pokemon Go, Tyranitar’s attacks have been changed to involve Mewtwo in a pretty explicit manner. Tyranitar is a Pokémon that evolves from Pupitar and can potentially be a formidable opponent in gym battles and raid matches in Pokémon GO.

Before sending this particular pocket monster into battle, players must carefully consider its collection of skills, strengths, and weaknesses, just like they do with every other pocket monster in the video game. However, there are some situations where not even the most meticulous strategists can predict how a character would respond once a match has begun. When pitting their Tyranitar against Mewtwo, a member on Reddit quickly discovered the painful truth of this statement.

A peculiar development occurs during the Pokemon Go gym battle with Tyranitar

Due in no little part to the image’s explicit nature, a user’s screenshot of a Pokemon Go gym battle is receiving quite a bit of attention on Reddit. The photo shows two players battling it out inside a gym. The screenshot shows Mewtwo holding its ground in a gym battle while Tyranitar, who is ostensibly also participating in the fight, is lying at its feet. However, because of a technical fault, the Tyranitar’s head and one of its limbs appear to be positioned in an entirely inappropriate manner.

It is not hard to understand why Pokemon Go fans are having such a good time with this Mewtwo against Tyranitar post, given the image portrayed in the position above this one. A joking comment was made in the thread by a user of Reddit who said, “Guess he was as tough as a rock.” Another participant in the conversation said, “When two Tyranitars love each other very much…” One more remark can be seen reading, “Mewtwo not the only one being subdued,” in the comments area, loaded with jokes.

Another user mentioned that they had a similar experience with a glitch, saying, “I can vouch for this, my friend was stuck inside the Mewtwo’s a** the whole match, and he was dying laughing.” Several other players have alleged that this kind of bug occurs in various battles besides those involving Mewtwo and Tyranitar. When I use Shadow Force, my Giratina goes straight for the** of that opponent. Another user of Pokemon Go responded to this similar comment by adding that their Giratina also had a “wild” weekend.

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