Overwatch 2 Players Demand Implementation of Penalty System for Repeated Match Exits

Players of Overwatch 2 are demanding the implementation of a penalty system that would group players who repeatedly exit matches together. Recent criticism of Blizzard Entertainment has focused on the company’s decision to do away with the PvE Hero Mode and talent trees. As a result, several gamers have decided not to participate in the game because the developers have yet to keep the promises they made in the beginning.

The content strategy for Season 5 of Overwatch 2 could be more appealing to users now. On the other hand, the devs have hinted that Season 6 would be the game’s most significant season, as it might include a Story Mode and yet another new hero. The disappointment felt by Overwatch 2 players is not limited to Blizzard alone. Players who leave games repeatedly have prompted other users to call for creating a separate line explicitly designed for those players.

Players of Overwatch 2 want more severe punishments for those who quit

On the Overwatch subreddit, the member Miltaire shared their unpleasant predicament with the community. Also, the whole team that the OP was a part of had quit a competitive match, except for just one guy. Also, Miltaire asserted that this occurrence marked the third consecutive game where their teammates had walked off the field.

In addition, other gamers who play Overwatch 2 supported creating a ‘leavers’ queue’ in the section reserved for player comments. “I find the concept of a ‘leaver’s queue’ quite appealing,” MetalMusic Only remarked. “The only way you will be allowed to leave is if you are victorious in games that require a predetermined level of participation to prevent people from asking,”

The comment made by Aggrogahu was along the lines of, “I just want leavers to be notified if the team they ditched ends up turning the match around to win, so they know they were the problem,” “I know that the internet’s reaction is always directly to ‘How do we punish them,’ but the better route here is for the developers to incentivize the behavior they want to see,” Muaddib562 recommended. “I know that the internet’s reaction is always directly to ‘How do we punish them,'” Muaddib562 said. MarcelVesp disclosed that Dota 2 used a similar strategy called “low priority.”

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