Overwatch 2 Players Express Frustration with Weekend Matchmaking Servers, Reddit Complaints Surface

Fans of Overwatch 2 have observed that the matchmaking servers on the weekends are not up to par with those during the week, and gamers have expressed their complaints and problems on Reddit. When it first came out, Overwatch 2 had several problems. Fans were incensed at the state of the game when it was released due to lengthy wait times, malfunctions, and more.

While the game’s creator, Blizzard, has been working hard to resolve most of these problems, players are still reporting that matchmaking has several issues, especially regarding its Ranked servers on weekends. One person asked the query to the Overwatch community in a brand-new Reddit thread titled “Are weekend games always so bad,” while also detailing their most recent game-playing experiences.

“I’ve played 7 to 8 games, and the team always has a handicap (feeding, troll, throwing, etc.). Who can’t relate? Players flocked to the thread after that, all of whom concurred that matchmaking on weekends appears to struggle compared to how it functions throughout the week. Yes, one commenter replied. All the beginners get free time to play during that period.

I play my finest games during the early morning, midday, or late evening hours on workdays. They are the worst because everyone is free to play in the evenings after work or school. While another provided a far more thorough analysis of the circumstance and how they have attempted to address the poor matching that Overwatch 2 experienced over the weekend.

Players of Overwatch 2 are upset with the weekend’s matchmaking servers

“I established a rule for myself that I could only have 1-2 losses before I changed roles or games. Both winning and losing streaks have a propensity to grow. Therefore, if I’m starting to lose, I want to stop and come back later, hoping that I and my team would play better.

I’m consistently going 5-5, 5-6, or 5-7, and I’m playing as well as I did last season, if not better, so it’s very challenging to make up for my team’s flaws—continuous stumbling, 1v5s, etc. As an act of mercy, I promised my team yesterday that I wouldn’t enter until everyone was present because we kept stumbling, and they accused me of throwing. Despite having the most heals, the fewest fatalities, and a substantial damage boost, I refused to keep struggling. Time will tell if Blizzard finds solutions to these problems and finds a means to balance matchmaking over the weekend, given the surge in players.

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