Disney Dreamlight Valley Teases Addition of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother in Upcoming Update 5

The announcement made by Disney Dreamlight Valley hinted that the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella might one day become a resident of Hamlet. Every new update to Disney Dreamlight Valley brings additional features, such as specialized Realms, supplemental resources, and a broader range of personalization possibilities. In April of 2023, the sandbox game revealed the Pride of the Valley patch, which included Simba and Nala from “The Lion King” as new residents in the game.

DDV has received a total of four significant updates since the beginning of its early access period in September 2022. The fifth iteration of the Disney/Pixar game’s upgrade is scheduled to roll out sometime in June 2023. Although Dreamlight Valley has already provided hints about some of the content in Update 5. It has also offered credence for the reports that a Cinderella character would be added.

The wand of the Fairy Godmother can be found in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley provided a sneak peek on Twitter of some of the upcoming features available in Update 5. DDV announced that new things would soon be general in the Valley. The picture reveals that the video game had an artisanal bench and the wand the fairy godmother used. Disney fans have pointed out that both elements can be seen in the first Cinderella movie. Despite this, the notification reminds people, “Please do your best not to leave any of your personal belongings behind when you stop to take a break.”

In the past, players of Dreamlight Valley have theorized that Cinderella would appear in an upcoming update. Users reached this conclusion after observing the enigmatic pumpkin house in the Forgotten Lands. Items with a Cinderella motif have also been added to Scrooge McDuck’s Store in this game version.

Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was an additional candidate for the proprietor of the pumpkin house. On the other hand, gamers postulated that the movie’s antagonist, Oogie Boogie, would call that location home. In addition to the Cinderella Fairy Godmother, which may arrive shortly, Dreamlight Valley has disclosed additional features of Update 5. Recently, DDV hinted at the possibility of users being able to customize their furniture and that there would be a rain-related umbrella feature.

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