Overwatch 2 Player Conducts Research on the Prevalence of Feet in Skins

A player has addressed the crucial issue of how many heroes in Overwatch 2 have feet frequently in their skins in a research paper. Characters and heroes in Overwatch 2 come in all forms, shapes, and colors. Blizzard frequently develops different skins for these characters since the game is free to play and sells them to players to make money. Each hero has a sizable collection of skins, which frequently changes their attire, weaponry, and, occasionally, footwear.

Back in February 2023, Dexerto revealed that much to the chagrin of players and community members, the Overwatch Twitter account had once again written about the feet of their heroes. An Overwatch player has taken it upon themselves to write a study paper exploring the prevalence of feet in Overwatch 2 skins.

The research report on skins with feet is a common occurrence in Overwatch 2

User BeansAndFungi wrote the Reddit article “On The Prevalence of Gripper Skins in Overwatch 2.” BeansAndFungi made it evident that they took this seriously by outlining their research process in great detail.

BeansAndFungi took care to clarify that “Grippers” is what they refer to as feet, and they use the word frequently throughout the post. Following that, Beans outlined their methodology for determining what constitutes and does not constitute feet in Overwatch 2 skin terms, outlining four distinct rules that all skins had to abide by. Additionally, they made sure to include several images of the feet of champions as proof of what they meant.

This allowed them to develop a thorough description of each character’s epidermis, including which ones revealed their feet. After gathering all this data, they discovered that the Tank position had the most significant number of feet skins with damage, with support coming in second. Beans wanted to point out that a few skins were absent because they couldn’t be seen in the Hero Gallery. They also noted that although some skins, such as Ekko’s Kkachi costume, do not meet the criteria, they may still be classified as feet skins.

Surprisingly, they discovered no skins for poster girl Tracer, which they found “ridiculous.” They stated in their discussion that “depending on your preference, there are either too many Gripper Skins in Overwatch 2… or too few.” To BeansAndFungi, however, there is no question that the Overwatch 2 skin team is fascinated by our tiny fingers. The Overwatch team has previously expressed interest in characters’ feet, as evidenced by the Overwatch 2 Twitter account, which frequently shares this passion with followers.

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