Leon Kennedy Voted Fan Favorite and Wesker Most Hated in Resident Evil Character Poll

In the video game Resident Evil, fans were asked to vote for their most beloved and loathed characters, and the results showed that Leon got all the love while Wesker got nothing but hatred.  The illustrious survival horror franchise known as Resident Evil has recently been generating headlines due to the release of their remastered version of Resident Evil 4. This new installment is the most recent in a succession of remakes that Capcom has been working on for the RE franchise.

In the run-up to the remake’s release, the Japanese gaming publication Famitsu polled readers of the Resident Evil franchise to find out which characters they consider their favorites. In addition, there will be voting for the most repulsive character, the most terrifying scenario, and other categories.  It should come as no surprise that Leon Kennedy, who has served as the series’ main protagonist ever since Resident Evil 2 (RE2), won the competition by a wide margin. And it should come as no surprise that voters decided that Albert Wesker is the loathsome character in the franchise. 

Leon Kennedy was chosen as the fan-favorite character in the most recent Resident Evil survey

Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, two of the other co-stars of RE3, are both considered to be among the top five preferred characters. Surprisingly, Wesker is also counted as one of the top 10 favorite personalities. A person who stirs up quite a bit of controversy. The following items can be found on the list of the best 10:

  • 1. Leon Kennedy
  • 2. Jill Valentine
  • 3. Chris Redfield
  • 4. Ada Wong
  • 5. Claire Redfield
  • 6. Albert Wesker
  • 7. Ethan Winters 
  • 8. Rebecca Chambers
  • 9. Piers Nivans
  • 10. Hunk

And as for the characters that players dislike the most, which are almost always the enemies or the creatures that the players find to be the most frustrating to face off against:

  • 1. Albert Wesker
  • 2. Nikolai Zinolev
  • 3. Licker
  • 4. Hunter
  • 5. Tyrant 
  • 6. Derrek C. Simmons
  • 7. Zombie Dog
  • 8. Nemesis 
  • 9. Mother Miranda
  • 10. Lucas Baker

Other noteworthy polls were for the scariest scene in Resident Evil, and the fans’ unsurprising choice was the baby monster sequence in Resident Evil Village. This sequence is undoubtedly one of the most frightening in any video game, and it won the fan vote for the scariest scene in Resident Evil. 

In addition, players were asked which Resident Evil game was their favorite, and RE4 came out on top, despite the fact that the game in the franchise has received the highest number of positive reviews. Resident Evil 2 and its reboot are coming in second and third, respectively. 

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