Overwatch 2 Fans Criticize Lifeweaver’s “Clunky” Ability Controls Ahead of Season 4 Release

Expecting Lifeweaver’s arrival in Season 4 of Overwatch 2, players have already voiced their reservations over his “clunky” ability controls. Lifeweaver joins the team in Season 4 as another Support hero that adds a high amount of utility to the party as Overwatch 2 continues to broaden its cast of characters.

Lifeweaver has a kit that plays up, helping the team out of tight spots and thwarting the plans of the opposition, which could help him carve out a distinct niche in the meta. If gamers can get past the issues they are having with their controls.

Fans of Overwatch 2 want Lifeweaver to be changed before release

The key binds for Lifeweaver are the main discussion point because they deviate from the established Overwatch formulas, which some players have already found annoying.

The new healer has two weapon choices, just like Mercy. As the name implies, Healing Blossom is a chargeable ability that restores significant amounts of health, and Thorn Volley is an SMG-like weapon that deals with agony. To get the most out of him, players will frequently need to move between them. Therefore intuitive buttons are crucial. But as things are, many people disapprove of how that mechanic feels before launch.

Have you considered altering his key binds in any way? OW fan Zenofy questioned Aaron Keller, the video game director. He might make his dash function like Hanzo’s leap to equip his Healing and thorns on the right and left clicks, respectively. How about “Life grip on E and petal on shift”?Many more came to request the same modification and recommendations for swappable controls between the existing configuration and the suggested Hanzo-inspired alterations. 

Another controller user proposed a “secondary key bind” approach to address this issue on consoles, arguing that pressing R2/RT and L2/LT concurrently would be a more helpful solution. Given that the dev team has already revealed a day-one buff for Lifeweaver, they will likely continue to make adjustments in the days to come. The feedback will only be exacerbated when the general public can purchase him on April 11.

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