Overwatch 2 Developers Address Matchmaking Complaints and the Challenges of Balancing Lower Ranks

The makers of Overwatch 2 have addressed players’ complaints about persistent issues with the game’s matchmaking and explained why it’s so tough to find matches that are evenly matched at lower rankings.

Matchmaking in Overwatch 2 has become a highly popular topic of discussion as of late, with many players claiming that their games have been destroyed due to users with skill levels that are highly disparate being placed in the exact match.

These problems are, at least for the time being, still persisting, despite the fact that the developers are aware of this and making many modifications behind the scenes. Aaron Keller, the game’s director, responded to the criticism in several articles. He noted that more changes are being made to assist in creating more balanced matches, but he warned that it is much more difficult at lower levels.

The director of Overwatch 2 has placed the blame on the teams for the uneven matches

On Twitter, Keller said that the team was working hard to reduce matches with a broad skill range and that changes were introduced on Monday, with another one coming on Tuesday. Keller also mentioned that another update would be presented on Tuesday.

“During the past week, the matchmaker has been experiencing some configuration issues, which has increased these matches. We believe these issues have been resolved, and the modifications that will take effect tomorrow should make things even better,” he stated, apologizing for the quality of the matches.

When a player brought up a recent blog post in which Keller indicated the team was working to bring down the extensive range of raking tiers showing up in Top 500 games, the director didn’t mince words when responding to the player’s question regarding whether or not that would be applied to all players.

It is still being determined at this time if the recently implemented adjustments will finally resolve these issues; nonetheless, the problems may require additional solutions in lower ranks to deal with groups of people queuing together.

In the same way, players on consoles can turn off crossplay. One potential solution would be the addition of a pure solo queue to the game. However, it has yet to be discovered if the developers are considering doing something similar like this in the future.

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