Niantic Forgot to Add Blanche Lapras Costume to Pokemon Go’s ‘A Mystic Hero’ Event, Causing Game Crashes

As the ‘A Mystic Hero’ event starts to roll out, players of Pokemon Go are experiencing game crashes as a result of the realization that Niantic forgot to include the new Blanche Lapras costume in the game. Pokemon Go has scheduled the newest event, A Mystic Hero, to go live on April 13 at ten in the morning local time. People living in New Zealand will be among the first to have access to it.

The event focuses on the leader of Team Mystic, Blanche, and features one of the most popular water Pokemon, Lapras, dressed in a Blanche-themed attire specifically for this episode. However, many players are beginning to realize that Niantic overlooked adding the new Blanche Lapras costume into the game, which is the root cause of the game crashing for many players.

It appears that Niantic overlooked adding the Blanche Lapras outfit

Shortly after the event started rolling out, the creator of Serebii, Joe Merrick, turned to Twitter to convey the news and his disappointment with the mix-up. “It seems Niantic forgot to put the asset in for the new Lapras outfit into the game,” he added. “So when you get to the part of the Special Research, it errors and doesn’t display anything, so you need to reboot the game.” “So it seems Niantic forgot to put the asset in for the new Lapras outfit.” “Niantic, get your act together because the event has begun. You were prepared for it, weren’t you?

Poke Miners, well-known for their work in data mining for Pokemon Go, spread the story after Merrick and included it in their list of known problems associated with the game. They stated, “As predicted, the Special Research task is broken for the Blanche event due to Blanche Lapras never being pushed,” and went on to explain why this was the case.

The makers of Pokemon Go have lately received a significant amount of criticism as a result of recent modifications to Remote Raid battles and troubles with Elite Raid battles. As a result of these changes and issues, many users have deleted the app. Niantic has yet to respond to the difficulties raised with the Blanche Lapras outfit, but we will keep you updated if and when they do. In the interim, I invite you to check out our Pokemon area, where you’ll find additional coverage of the series.

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