New ‘Team Up’ Feature in Niantic’s Campfire App Facilitates Global Collaboration for Pokemon Go Raids

Trainers will have an easier time collaborating with other Pokemon Go players worldwide to finish raids because of a new feature called Team Up that is now being tested by Niantic in Campfire. Niantic’s “Campfire” app was released in July 2022, and it serves as a social networking platform for all of the company’s games, including Pokemon Go. Niantic produced Niantic’s “Campfire” app.

Trainers have, since the app’s unveiling, been clamoring for the capability to use it as a means of connecting with other players to finish raid encounters, regardless of whether those battles take place in-person or remotely. Today, Niantic plans to begin testing a new feature within the app called “Team Up,” which will make it simpler for trainers to find other people to assist them in completing challenging raid battles.

Invite-only access is required to use the new Team Up functionality on Campfire

On March 22, a member on Reddit by the name of Smarioh posted a picture of the invite email, which included information about the dates and how to access the Team Up feature. Only trainers who have access to the Campfire app will be able to use this function, and it will only be available from March 22 through March 29, 2023.

According to the text, “Team Up is a limited-time feature that makes it easier to arrange and participate in Raid Battles with fellow trainers in your town and around the world.” This feature is only available while supplies last.

It is expected that the feature will function in a manner that is analogous to that of applications such as Pokegenie or websites such as Leekduck’s Raid NOW feature. These applications and websites generate lobbies that Pokémon trainers worldwide can join to compete in battles and capture Pokemon. Because access to Campfire can only be gained through an invitation from the firm as this article was written, the Team Up function is prevalent and in high demand. 

You may check out our Pokemon section for additional news about the series. We’ll let you know as soon as the app is made available to a broader audience.

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