Leaked Information Suggests Metroid Prime 4 Announcement May be Imminent

The “confirmed leaker” claiming Metroid Prime news is forthcoming must be taken seriously by moderators of the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit.

Nintendo revealed the eagerly anticipated fourth Metroid Prime game in 2017, not long after the first-generation Switch went on sale. Spacey blue gossamer would form the number 4 for a total of 43 seconds, after which the number would catch fire and slide to the right, making place for the Metroid Prime emblem to gradually appear.

Similar to the Starfield and Edler Scrolls VI teasers that were released a year later, these simple logo disclosures were sufficient to excite die-hard franchise fans. However, it would come to light after two years of silence that the project had been given to Retro Studios, effectively restarting its production cycle.

Once more hidden behind an iron curtain, Metroid Prime 4 would leave fans wondering if their preferred female bounty hunter would ever return to the world of 3D gaming. However, whispers have started to spread that the stillness will soon be broken.

Rumors of Metroid Prime 4 Have Been “Confirmed” Leakers

These allegations were spread by Spheromancer, a mod on the well-known GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit. The claimed that a reliable user had been in touch with them and informed them about the announcements of Skyward Sword, Wario Ware, Splatoon 3, and the name of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, as well as other games.

“He messaged me this three months ago, one day before Nintendo’s most recent direct. Spheromancer linked to a snapshot of a DM in which the leaker predicted that “Zelda fans will be crying Tears of jor tomorrow” before the Zelda game was even revealed.

Now the user Fun Way 6592 has released another “creative leak,” asking the question, “Do you think everyone is primed and ready? ”

Although Spheromancer later clarified their statements, they initially referred to this guy as a “confirmed leaker.” “I acknowledge that using the word ‘Verified’ here was probably a mistake. I only meant that the past times he’s “leaked,” they have been confirmed because of his nearly immaculate track record.

While many people hope to hear something about Metroid Prime 4 shortly, others are pessimistic and think we’re more likely to hear about a Metroid Remaster.

Currently, there is no other method to substantiate these statements than by looking at how successful the user’s past predictions have been. We’ll have to wait and see what, if anything, Nintendo has in store.

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