League of Legends Players Call for Kai’sa Nerfs Due to Dominant AP Hybrid Build

League of Legends players has criticized the ADC Kai’sa for her AP hybrid build, which has dominated professional competition. There are countless different playable characters in League of Legends. League can make practically everyone’s dream of being a champion come true, whether it be an evil child with the power to burn down buildings with flames or a Piltovian Popstar who cruises around on a hoverboard. However, balancing every one of the 166 unique kits along with the game’s shifting dynamics comes at a price with the enormous diversity of champions available.

Even the most minor adjustments may severely harm the meta and balance of the game. This is especially true when specific objects are altered because they often affect the entire class that uses them. Due to her unique ability to create hybrid builds. The void champion Kai’sa is susceptible to alterations in the AD and AP items.

Kai’sa has again gained attention due to the most recent item adjustments. Kai’sa has retaken control of the meta with the extreme strength of Statikk Shiv, Nashor’s Tooth. And the updated Guinsoo’s Rageblade. Many have requested that her power level be reduced due to her complete dominance of both professional and ranked play, as gamers are sick of seeing her around.

League gamers demand Kai’sa’s nerfs in response to her dominating presence in the pros

She is a “100% pick/ban in professional play, played in bot, mid, and occasionally top, does enormous damage with two items, and late in the game, she gains a 1300+ HP shield with her ult. She was a menace before Statikk Shiv rectified her lack of wave clear. So why hasn’t she already been nerfed? The message reads. Due to her overstuffed kit, Kai’sa is despised by many players in her current form. And she is mockingly blamed for the current problems. One commentator mockingly said, “Wholesome ranged hybrid assassin ADC.”

She can perform other champions’ tasks more effectively than they could, as users were quick to point out. It’s unclear what Riot has planned for Kai’sa, but given how frequently League of Legends is updated, it might not be long before players’ requests are granted.

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