Koil, Proprietor of NoPixel GTA RP Server, Banned on Twitch Indefinitely – Fans Speculate Reasons

Koil, the proprietor of the legendary Grand Theft Auto role-playing server NoPixel, has been banned from Twitch for a period of time that has not been specified.

Fans of GTA Role Playing will probably recognize Koil from one of the many roles he plays inside the NoPixel community. In addition to the fact that he is the proprietor of the server, he also serves as something of a Swiss Army Knife, taking on a variety of roles and characters during the course of the server’s existence.

Although he had been streaming other games on occasion, his most recent appearance on the server was as his long-running character Francis J. Francer. Before that, he had been on the server playing other characters.

The Owner of NoPixel “Koil”, Was Banned on Twitch

On the other hand, StreamerBans stated on January 16 that his channel has been suspended indefinitely, and there is no definitive explanation as to why this is the case as of the time this article was written.

According to a post made on Reddit, Koil was participating in a Rust tournament on January 15 and producing some sound effects that did not do well on Twitch. This idea can be traced back to the website Reddit, where it quickly rose to the top of the heap. Whoever is familiar with the Francis character on the NoPixel side of things is going to be familiar with the types of noises that are normal for his stuff since they are going to be familiar with it.

It is unknown how long his ban will last; nevertheless, as a result of it, he will be unable to participate in any activities that take place on the NoPixel server until the suspension has been lifted. This is because of a house rule that prohibits other broadcasters from accidentally incorporating a restricted individual in their transmissions while they are going about their own travels. The rule was created to prevent this kind of oversight.

At the time that this article was produced, Koil had not made any statements regarding the situation; however, it is entirely possible that the company will do so in the not-too-distant future.

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