Game-Breaking Bug in Overwatch 2 Allows Mercy Players to Render Lobbies Unplayable

A new problem that utterly breaks the game has been found in Overwatch 2, and it allows players using the Mercy character to render a lobby completely unplayable for everyone else. Since its release, many game-breaking flaws have plagued Overwatch 2, some so severe that some heroes had to be banned from competitive play.

The most recent bug may even result in the same treatment, which is terrible news for mains who play Mercy. Blizzard may have to remove her from ranked play because the exploit might create severe problems, and this is awful news for the mains who play Mercy. The YouTube user nsbunited investigated the glitch and demonstrated how players using Mercy might “hold lobbies hostage” by utilizing this strange interaction on Paraiso. The video can be found on the YouTube website.

Because of a problem, Mercy can be taken out of Overwatch 2 completely

Something peculiar occurs when Mercy players take advantage of a particular exploit that allows them to perform their staff and pistol animations simultaneously. After activating the glitch and switching back to your staff, everyone else in the lobby will see a dip in their frame rate, and the game will reach a “near unplayable level,” with the situation only worsening each time Mercy respawns.

The end effect is extremely high latency, although the player controlling Mercy can restore theirs to its normal state by switching back to her pistol. This indicates that the Mercy player has an advantage over the other players because they lag behind, allowing them to push the payload to the end. According to what the YouTuber had to say, “This can give a Mercy player the ability to hold an entire Paraiso lobby hostage.”

The good news is that players negatively impacted by this can either quit and re-enter the game to alleviate the lag, refrain from selecting a hero during the setup phase, or find a way to convince the Mercy player to switch heroes. Because Blizzard has not commented on this bug or removed Mercy from ranked play yet, we will have to wait and see what the developers decide to do to fix this issue before we can proceed with the game.

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