Frustrated Pokemon Go Players Report Frequent Loading Screen Freezes

Players frustrated with Pokemon Go have reported getting trapped on the game’s loading screen more frequently and have asked Niantic to work on a solution to the problem. Pokemon Go, like any other live-service game, has its fair share of flaws and glitches, which can affect the experience in a variety of different options depending on the nature of the issue.

While some glitches are nothing more than humorous visual errors meant to be laughed off, others can negatively impact players while they are playing the game, leading many of them to become dissatisfied with the app. Now, a number of trainers have reported that they are encountering recurring occurrences of the game’s loading screen completely freezing up, and they have requested that Niantic implement a solution to this issue.

Players of Pokemon Go who are frustrated by the stalling of the loading screen

There have been a number of statements made on social media within the Pokemon Go community, such as on the Pokemon Go subreddit, in which trainers have claimed to be experiencing more frequent instances of the loading screen freezing.

One trainer started a thread on the subreddit and posed the question, “Does anyone else get this frozen loading screen a lot?” Many fans responded to the question by stating that they had encountered the same issue as of late. “Recently, it has been taking place an increasing number of times. One trainer stated, “It does this frequently on both my s21 ultra and s22 ultra.” In contrast, another trainer stated that the same event occurred while playing the mobile game Pikmin Bloom, also developed by Niantic.

“It’s not just jumping. The same thing occurs with Pikmin as well. It has to be something different on Niantic’s side; however, I wonder if it is something with their computers or the software on the phone.

Fans, conversely, are conscious that Niantic is aware of the problem due to a post on the TheSilphRoad subreddit. Also, on March 27, 2023, the Niantic Support Twitter account responded to a tweet posted by a fan who stated that the loading screen problem was “super common from the most recent update.”

Unfortunately, Niantic’s response stated that it would inform the development team rather than saying outright that it was investigating the matter. This problem with the loading screen, which has been going on for some time, will hopefully be fixed in a future version.

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