From Underdog to Ultimate Team: The Rise of Alex Fernandez in FIFA 23

The second wave of FUT Centurions for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has been released. EA Sports has added a large selection of SBC cards to the game, including the brand-new Alex Fernandez SBC. Despite being a somewhat obscure player among casual fans, the Spanish midfielder has a fantastic in-game card. Which makes him competitive in the current meta.

Some of the most outstanding athletes in the sport will be honored at the FUT Centurions event. These footballers have received special cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments with their respective teams.

Alex Fernandez is Available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

In La Liga, Alex Fernandez represents Cadiz. The underdogs have gained notoriety despite not being among the most well-known clubs in Spain by pulling off upsets against teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona. The Spaniard has been a staple in their midfield, setting an excellent example with his creative flair, and the most recent special version fully captures his abilities.

The FUT Centurions promo is a special aspect of Ultimate Team since it introduces the public to new names who have contributed significantly to the success of their team. Alex Fernandez is a prime example of how a local club legend may become well-known due to their prowess on FIFA 23’s virtual field.

How Does The Centurions FUT Card Appear In-Game?

Fernandez can play as a center-attacking midfielder, left midfielder, or central midfielder and has a base overall rating of 76 in FIFA 23. His new special variation now has the following stats in six crucial areas, with a significant improvement to his total ratings and attributes:

  • Passing: 84
  • Dribbling: 86
  • Shooting: 85
  • Defending: 79
  • Passing: 88
  • Physicality: 79

Additionally, he has a four-star weak foot and four-star skill techniques. He is a competitive midfield option in the current FIFA 23 meta thanks to his wide range of skills. To receive this unique card, the SBC requires the submission of a single squad. The requirements listed in the SBC squad are as follows:

  • Number of players from La Liga Santander: Minimum one
  • Team of the Week players: Minimum of one
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 84

The cost of Team of the Week cards on the FIFA 23 transfer market has a significant impact on SBC’s overall projected cost, which is approximately 45,000 FUT coins.

Alex Fernandez is an excellent SBC, however, because of its generous awards, the 87+ Base or World Cup Hero SBC is more well-liked. He can play as a midfielder in the current metagame thanks to the card’s improvements.

For FUT enthusiasts who have a Spanish league squad, this most recent special card offers a number of attributes that will make the SBC interesting. The SBC is cost-effective since it uses non-tradable club assets.

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