Former Sentinels Star Sinatraa Offered Six-Figure Deal to Play Competitive Valorant in India with Gods Reign

An organization has offered former Sentinels star Jay “sinatraa” Won a six-figure deal to play competitive Valorant in India.

On Twitter, Rohith ‘KR,’ the CEO of the Indian group Gods Reign, made sinatraa an “open offer” of a $144,000 yearly salary to play for his Valorant club.

The post was in response to a remark made by Bleed eSports’ Valorant coach Abhisek “Godspeed” Bajaj. Following the conclusion of the Challengers qualifications, which left “a lot of talented players without a team.” He suggested that Indian firms wishing to recruit foreign players “look at NA.”

Rohit stated Sinatraa would receive 30% of his annual income upfront. But pointed out that the offer excludes medical, travel, and hospitality.

Sinatraa participated in the NA Valorant Challengers last-chance qualification with the pug team UNTAMABLE BEASTS. Including his former Sentinels teammate Jared ‘zombs’ Gitlin, former OpTic star Jimmy ‘Marved’ Nguyen, and streamers Connor ‘PROD’ Moran and Coby ‘dizzy’ Meadows.

The team advanced to the double-elimination round of the qualification. And when Nearest Airport quickly crushed it and was unperturbed, placing 13th–16th.

Who is Gods Reign?

An Indian organization called Gods Reign established in 2018 based in Bangalore. They won more than $13,000 for finishing second with their PUBG Mobile team at the 2019 India Series.

Gods Reign added an Indian roster in October 2022 and entered Valorant. The squad finished third in the Indian qualifying for the Penta Pro Series, a competition on Riot’s off-season Asian circuit.

The team representing Gods Reign will attempt to compete in the South Asian Valorant Challengers League to gain entry into the Pacific Ascension competition. Gods Reign was about to sign a second Australian player, Kale “autumn” Dunne. After previously reaching an agreement with Nick “tixx” Quinn, Valorant reporter Seulgi disclosed on January 23.

Sinatraa has not yet accepted Gods Reign’s invitation as of the time of writing. After declaring in April 2022 that he wished to return to competition. He has not provided any information regarding his future plans.

Organizations in India have long been interested in hiring talent from the US and Canada. Jordan “AYRIN” He, who participated in the Valorant Champions 2022 with XSET and the VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen, has recently joined Global Esports, one of the ten partner teams in the Pacific international competition.

Rushindra Sinha, the CEO, and co-founder of Global Esports reminded Rohit on Twitter that Sinatraa had signed a $150,000 per year contract with NRG Esports in 2017 to play for their Overwatch League club, the San Francisco Shock. In response, the CEO of Gods Reign said that if Sinatraa is interested, his company will “reconsider the parameters of the offer.”

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