Final Fantasy XVI Producer’s Bold Statement: ‘Get a PS5 or Miss Out!

Final Fantasy, the latest addition to the long-running franchise, was unveiled by Square Enix during Sony’s PS5 Showcase in late 2020. The game was announced as an exclusive to the PS5. However, fans were quick to speculate about a possible PC release in the future. The game developer, Naoki Yoshida, has now spoken out about these speculations.

Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of Final Fantasy 16, advised fans to “purchase a PS5” in response to rumors of the game’s release on PC.

In late 2020, Square Enix unveiled Final Fantasy 16 as part of Sony’s PS5 Showcase, giving fans a sneak peek at the series’ upcoming installment. Even the video description on Final Fantasy’s YouTube channel only mentioned the Sony-branded platform. The announcement trailer verified its PS5 exclusivity.

However, many people assume a PC version will be released after a limited time period of exclusivity due to the pattern set by FF7 Remake and Intergrade. The implication is that Sony and Square Enix signed a six-month agreement. Because the Game Awards 2022 video states it won’t be released on “other systems until December 31, 2023.” However, their assertions have been refuted by a well-known Final Fantasy producer.

Developer of Final Fantasy XVI Dismisses PC Expectations

Naoki Yoshida, alias Yoshi-P, the director and producer of Final Fantasy 16. He addressed the persistent talk of temporal exclusivity during a recent mahjong live. The developer refuted rumors that FF16 will arrive on PC six months later by saying that “nobody spoke a word about a PC version arriving” in his tweet, which was translated by Twitter user Genki JPN. Yoshida then suggested that fans of the game “purchase a PS5”.

Yoshida is probably laughing because “other platforms” has been highlighted in recent advertisements like the Game Awards 2022 teaser.

Despite the game developer’s comment, it seems safe to assume that Yoshida is having a laugh. As the game will be available on other platforms as well, including PC. The release date for Final Fantasy 16 is set for June 22 on PS5. Also, a PC release is expected to be announced at a later date. Fans can look forward to embarking on a new adventure with the much-loved franchise soon.

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