Ditto Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Challenge of Bringing Weak Pokemon

This weekend in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, five-star Ditto Tera raids are the hot topic, and gamers are pleading with raid hosts to stop importing good Pokemon. Ditto is the easiest Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, whether it is a 3-star or 6-star Tera Raid. Nevertheless, depending on the Pokemon players bring, it may also be the hardest.

Ditto utilizes the move Transform on the raid’s host as a result. As a result, if a player brought a level 1 Magikarp equipped with the move Splash, the Ditto would mimic its moveset, stats, and ability, rendering the Magikarp defenseless. However, not every trainer knows the best practices of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet raiding. As hosts continue to send their strongest Pokemon to combat Ditto, this has caused some gamers to become frustrated.

Similarly, Tera Raids aren’t always easy

It is recommended to bring a level 1 Pokemon to Ditto Tera raids. It doesn’t matter which Pokemon you use as long as it is level 1 and has no mighty moves.

Nevertheless, a lot of players have mentioned that hosts bring their best, battle-ready Pokemon, which makes Ditto raids difficult. “Plz, for the love of god, if you’re hosting, just use a useless Pokémon with no useful moves, like Magikarp,” said user C__arnita.

They continued by asserting that the host of a Ditto raid had brought their own Ditto, which had turned the raid boss into a spirited Greninja. Users who experienced similar behavior swamped the comments section. One user advised delaying joining the raid until the host has chosen their Pokemon. They will leave and join another one if it’s not a level 1 weakling.

Other gamers, however, have complained of host trolls and griefing. A host allegedly lured the raiders into locking in before switching out their Magikarp for a Koraidon with Counter, according to Shundo_Ray100. OP and the other raiders used Belly Drum on their Azumarill and Iron Hands, but Koraidon countered it. This constantly knocked out their crew until the raid was lost because the timer ran out.

“Tera raiding online has taught me never to trust a host that refuses to lock in a trashmon on a Ditto,” ImperfectWold said in response. When hosting Ditto Tera Raids, a different user commented that they immediately locked in Magikarp to offer their comrades security. It just goes to show that taking part in the online Tera Raids for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a mixed bag. Trainers may have the best strategy and plan of action, but depending on strangers to be equally prepared can lead to a broad range of outcomes.

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