Disparity in Pokemon Go: Contrasting Experiences of Rural and Urban Players

One Pokemon Go user from the country was astounded by how popular the app could be after visiting Las Vegas for a Community Day event. Although the change has only been in place for a little over a month, there are already some indications that Niantic’s removal of the Remote Raid Pass has had a significant impact on Pokemon Go.

One of the first effects of the nerfs was on players in rural areas and those with disabilities, who now had significantly fewer alternatives for participating in the mobile game. One rural Pokemon Go user recently expressed their surprise at how popular the game could be in more crowded places on social media despite having only played it outside of major cities.

Upon returning from Las Vegas, a rural Pokemon Go player was shocked

The article was taken from the subreddit for Pokemon Go, where a gamer submitted two photos of the game from various locations with the caption, “Rural Pokemon Go is just depressing.” In one location of the two screenshots, they provided, Raids, Gyms, and PokeStops were all over the map. On the other hand, the second screenshot was entirely empty but for a single wild Pancham spawn. The first screenshot illustrates how the player “happened to be in Vegas during the Community Day this past weekend and couldn’t believe how active the game was.”

They said, “Now that I’m back at home, it’s just depressing knowing what the game is supposed to be like and what I’m stuck with.” The second image shows a rural region with just one major route on the map.

Other out-of-the-way Pokemon Go players shared their stories of visiting more frequented regions and the surprise they experienced in the comments section. “I saw the actual Tokyo Pokemon Center during the Slowpoke CD back in March, in addition to being in Tokyo, Japan. I could hardly even make out the map on my screen. However, since returning home in April? Dead.”

Some fans speculated that at level 37, players in rural areas might submit their own PokeStop for approval. The response from rural gamers was that it’s challenging to level up in a rural area and that the few PokeStop nominations they can make are frequently disregarded. Rural enthusiasts may have difficulties in the future as Niantic has no intentions to modify the Remote Raid Pass adjustments, as previously revealed by Pokemon Go’s director.

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