Twitter Feud Erupts Between NRG and Evil Geniuses Coaches Following VCT Americas Playoff Match

After their most recent VCT Americas playoff match, the Valorous head coaches of NRG Esports and Evil Geniuses got into a contentious Twitter argument. On May 23, a highly anticipated series between NRG and Evil Geniuses took place in the first round of the VCT Americas playoffs. The two teams had previously faced off in the final week of the regular season, with NRG coming out on top 2-0.

Evil Geniuses were the only team this time, winning 2-1 to advance NRG to the bottom bracket and set up a showdown against Cloud9. Following the series, NRG head coach Chet ‘Chet’ Singh took to Twitter to criticize Christine ‘Potter’ Chi of the Evil Geniuses for allegedly accusing him of leaking scrim VODs. He said that due to the allegations, three teams had chosen not to train against NRG for “half the season.”

The NRG and EG VCT playoff game is still going on Twitter 

Potter addressed the allegations and referred to them as “hilarious.” “Many teams, players, and staff members informed us you were leaking. She wrote, “I had nothing to do with it. In his reply to Potter, Chet said he had never “needed to cheat in my career.” The thread has hundreds of likes and interactions, indicating that the exchange has attracted much interest from the Valorant community.

Chet and Potter are two coaches with the longest tenures in North American Valor. Potter began playing for Evil Geniuses in 2020 before switching to coaching in 2021. Chet went from CS:GO to Valorant in late 2020, then in late 2021, he joined OpTic Gaming, which was then Team Envy, along with his current core of players. Chet was a crucial member of the OpTic Gaming team in 2022 when they participated in every major international competition and won the VCT Masters Reykjavik. The head coach, who is 26 years old, is not afraid to criticize others or voice his thoughts about other clubs.

NRG will compete for survival in the VCT Americas playoffs on May 25 against the loser of the match between LOUD and FURIA after the defeat to EG.

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