Death Stranding 2 Launch Date Allegedly Revealed for PS5

At this year’s The Game Awards ceremony, which Hideo Kojima himself attended, the eagerly awaited Death Stranding 2 received its official confirmation. After the reveal trailer, the video game creator got up on stage to discuss the game. The sequel’s PlayStation 5 release date has not been specified, however, a new leak released on ResetEra has offered some insight.

The gaming community waited impatiently for the sequel’s formal announcement prior to The Game Awards 2022. In addition to Norman Reedus’ slip, Kojima himself gave a number of hints, teasing a number of personalities that would appear in the series’ upcoming installment.

The project’s working title, Death Stranding 2, has been mentioned; the official one is probably going to be made public later. Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, Elle Fanning, Shioli Kutsuna, and Troy Baker are also part of the confirmed cast.

A leaked image posted on ResetEra suggests that Death Stranding 2 will release in two years.

A photograph making the rounds on social media suggests the 2024 release date for Hideo Kojima’s game. Posted on ResetEra, one of the famous gaming sites. The screenshot posted below is included in the post that features Art Station profile of Frank Aliberti. An Artist for PlayStation Studios Arts.

Death Stranding 2 2024

Three titles may be seen in the image, the first of which is the follow-up to Kojima’s previous title. Fragile is depicted on the box art cradling a baby close to her. The word “PS5” is written on top of the word “DS2,” which is visible. One will also take note of the fact that 2024 has been set aside for the long-awaited sequel’s release.

Lea Seydoux’s Fragile was shown playing with a baby at the beginning of the teaser video. She is seen scurrying out of the settlement as she hides from attackers as chaos quickly breaks out.

Fans of Hideo Kojima will recognize many of the cinematic shots that are used throughout the trailer. At the very end of the trailer, a seasoned Sam Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, appeared with Fragile by his side. Additionally, a brand-new organization logo that reads, “Drawbridge: Both stick and rope, To guard and link. Together. For tomorrow.” is displayed.

Fans won’t likely hear about Death Stranding 2 or see a new trailer for it for a while, especially if the release year listed above is accurate. It should be noted that Death Stranding 2’s entry on the Art Station has been deleted as of right now.

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