Dashy’s Desire: The Surprising Reason Why He’d Want to Join Atlanta FaZe

It’s time for Brandon “Dashy” Otell to start looking for a new Call of Duty League squad after a drama-filled exit from OpTic Texas, and he has a surprising reason why he’d want to join Atlanta FaZe.

All Call of Duty players has had a crazy time following the Dashy affair. Starting nearly immediately after CDL Major 1, speculations began to circulate that OpTic’s star AR player would be moving to the sidelines as a result of organizational problems. The youthful super talent has been very vocal about wanting to go back onto a squad and continue polishing the game, even though the specifics took a few weeks to surface.

Although he’d be a fantastic addition to almost any lineup in the league, Otell has connections to ATL FaZe that make him an intriguing candidate for the red-and-black team. However, when Ben Nissim asked Otell if he has any interest in playing there, it wasn’t the all-star lineup that piqued his interest.

Dashy’s Admiration for Atlanta FaZe’s Coach

The Flank cohost and former FaZe commentator Nissim got right to the point while talking about rumors that he would join that squad in the future. If you want to talk about it right now, we can end that conversation for good, he said.

“Dude, there is no way I won’t play for Crowder. Just him in particular,” Dashy acknowledged. “A lot of people don’t know this, but before Black Ops 4 I was going to join FaZe if I didn’t join OpTic.”

He went on to remark that when they played together, it was mostly because of his reputation and upbeat demeanor. He behaves in the same way as he did five years ago.

Otell also disclosed during the same chat that clubs have already contacted him to inquire about signing him but that he doesn’t anticipate anything to happen before Major 2.

It doesn’t appear like Atlanta is quite ready to make that happen after finishing third in the first Major of the year (now with Slasher at the helm), but there is certainly some desire if the timing works out in the future.

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