Controversy over Lifeweaver’s Viability in Overwatch 2: Criticism of Gigantic Hitbox

After his contentious launch, players are still arguing whether Lifeweaver is a viable hero. However, his “gigantic” hitbox is a significant factor working against him. Lifeweaver is a singular hero if nothing else. He mainly uses his skills to shift allies into advantageous positions, open doors, and thwart other heroes.

However, Lifeweaver players in Overwatch 2 have observed that they struggle to survive. Although he has a self-heal option on his dash and several utility options, he still seems to struggle to survive battles. Players are criticizing Lifeweaver’s enormous hitbox for this. In particular, the lotus blooms on his back count as a hit against the hero.

Players of Overwatch 2 criticize Lifeweaver’s hitbox

When people consider the overall time to kill and how challenging it is to survive a fight, they frequently ignore the size of a hero’s hitbox. Mainly while playing against particular heroes. Even if their health is exact, a shotgun-wielding hero like Reaper will find it far simpler to eliminate a hero like Zenyatta than he does Kiriko, who has a smaller hitbox. Players in Overwatch 2 have been testing with Lifeweaver’s hitbox and have found that some heroes may damage him quite easily because the lotus on his back is included in his hitbox.

Though his lotus’s actual hit area is exact for pinpointing accurate hitscan bullets like those from Ana’s scoped-in rifle, things become complicated when considering projectiles that have a little bit more leeway in terms of what qualifies as a hit. When aimed towards Lifeweaver, massive projectiles like Hanzo’s arrows, Mei’s icicles, Reinhardt’s Flame Strike, and anything else is nearly impossible to miss. Gunshots shredded him. Hitscanners that rely on pinpoint accuracy may occasionally miss shots on him.

Commenter “This is like if Reinhardt could be shot in the hammer,” made light of the peculiarity of Lifeweaver’s hitbox in comparison to other Overwatch heroes. This is undoubtedly a problem that some players have with the hero, but there isn’t a way to resolve it short of completely redesigning his appearance. Something that has a unique set of problems. It will be interesting to see if the balancing team decides to change his hitbox.

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