Black Gold Map Provides Loophole for Modern Warfare 2’s Mounted Kills Challenge

Players of MW2 are having difficulty completing the mounted kills tasks. However, the newly released Black Gold map could provide a solution to this problem. Leveling up in Modern Warfare 2 can be taxing. Still, players have something to work toward in the form of challenges, which will reward them with significant experience points and other rewards.

It will take a little time to finish some of these tasks. Still, others, like racking up kills using a particular weapon or attachment, may require players to deviate from their usual approach to the video game to achieve the objective. The challenge of achieving mounted kills is one of those, given that players in a run-and-gun game do not often find themselves mounted. On the other hand, the most recent map provided players with a way to go around it.

Players of MW2 uncover a loophole on the Black Gold map

One of the users on Reddit discovered that one of the most recent additions to the Modern Warfare 2 game, Black Gold, will count as a mounted kill any kill that a player achieves while using a laser scope and aiming down sights (ADS). However, a number of players have mentioned in the comments that this strategy is only sometimes successful. A school of thought suggests you might need to employ a particular firearm or loadout.

Despite this, a good number of players expressed their gratitude by commenting on how difficult it was to fulfill the mounted kills challenge with specific rifles.

Sadly, this is not a unique situation with regard to the Black Gold map. Even in the comments section of this post, players of Modern Warfare 2 were moaning about the inconsistency of the night vision and the fact that the nighttime map can make it impossible to use specific scopes.

The players’ lack of faith in the developer’s ability to address these concerns in a timely manner is understandable. This particular fault was not fixed despite the fact that a fresh patch, including a number of bug fixes, was released earlier today. When venturing onto the Black Gold map, players are strongly encouraged to fit their preferred weapon with a laser sight in the immediate future. You might even tally up a few additional kills while riding if you’re exceptionally fortunate.

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