xQc Reveals Close Call with Purchasing Valorant Team and Encounter with Scammers

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, a popular streamer on Twitch, recently disclosed how close he got to purchasing a Valorant squad and described how “scammers” contacted him when he was hunting for a team to purchase. Many new esports organizations have been founded throughout the years by content creators and former professionals, and most of these companies have sponsored at least one squad of players for at least one event.

A few more have emerged in the past few weeks, particularly in the North American Valorant scene. Names such as Disguised Toast, Ludwig, and MoistCr1TiKaL have lent their support to challenger squads that are vying for a spot in the Mid-Season Invitational. Former Overwatch player xQc has claimed in the past that he is interested in joining a team and picking up his own, primarily with the intention of destroying Toast’s squad. Despite that not end up happening, he wasn’t all that far away from really making it happen at one point.

xQc has disclosed how close he came to purchasing the Valorant team

It was something that xQc talked about during his Twitch show on February 28. At the time, he was watching footage of Ludwig trying to motivate his boys while they were behind 13-9 to Turtle Troop in their first game.

When will there be juicer esports? “My brother, I told you that I was interested in buying a team, and I contacted one team to buy – I was way ahead of Ludwig to sign a team,” he told his chat audience. “My brother, I mentioned that I was interested in buying a team, and I contacted one team to buy.” “They had already found a sponsor, so I told them, ‘Hey guys, I want to buy a team,’ but the only other direct message I got was from a group of low-silver crypto scammers, and that was it. Nobody else, nobody DMs me again!”

Although if some fans are bound to be dissatisfied that they won’t be able to root for an xQc-backed club in Valorant, it’s commendable that he at least made an effort in this regard. If he had one, xQc would surely attract a massive crowd to the scene, but not having one is preferable to be conned out of your money.

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