Why Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen wasn’t selected to start for Fnatic in LEC Spring Split

Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen, the top laner for Fnatic, has explained why he wasn’t selected to start for the LEC Spring split. After a terrible Winter split in which they finished in ninth place with a 2-7 record in the regular season, Fnatic conducted numerous adjustments, leaving the Danish top laner out of their starting lineup for the Spring split.

Scar ‘Oscarinin’ Muoz replaced Wunder, and Henk ‘Advienne’ Reijenga took up the support role from Rben ‘rhuckz’ Barbosa. Both of the new players are from the Fnatic TQ academy team. The backroom staff also changed as Tom “Nightshare” Knnek took over as head coach instead of Gonçalo “Crusher” Brando.

Wunder dispelled reports that he would not be playing League of Legends for Fnatic in the Spring Split when he discussed his situation on Christian ‘IWillDominate’ Rivera’s stream. Many are saying that a player who is under contract and declines to play for a team should face the consequences, he added. “They believe they are experts,”

Wunder explains his decision not to represent Fnatic in the LEC.

IWillDominate questioned Wunder about what transpired over the off-season, and Wunder said that he didn’t have confidence in the team Fnatic was putting together for the Spring split. Because of this, he made it apparent that he had no desire to participate in the team’s trials.

They wanted to organize tryouts because of the disaster winter, Wunder stated. I didn’t have high hopes for any of the teams on the supposed tryout roster, so I argued that it didn’t make sense to try out for one.

Nobody shows up for tryouts for a team they don’t want to play for. That doesn’t make any sense. That is what took place. Although I didn’t want to try it out, they just went with Scar to check it out. There you go.

With the new players, Fnatic’s squad has found it difficult to gel, and the team is presently in last place in the LEC rankings with a 1-4 record heading into its match against KOI on March 20. According to Oracle’s Elixir, Oscarinin is currently averaging a league-worst 0.9 KDA, which has disappointed him in the LEC thus far. Since December 2021, Wunder has been a member of Fnatic. The former G2 top laner assisted the team in reaching Worlds in his debut season, wearing orange and black after they finished third in the Spring and Summer splits.

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