Valorant Pro TenTen Terminated from Team for Racial Slurs; Riot Implements Punishments

After uttering racial slurs during a ranked match, TenTen, a professional Valorant player for NORTHEPTION, was terminated from his contract. He has expressed regret for his remarks on Twitter. NORTHEPTION canceled TenTen’s contract due to racial insults he made on July 4 while participating in a pug match with other Asian players, according to a statement released by the company’s CEO Kazuhiro Owa.

The choice was made in response to a video of an argument between TenTen and Saibani ‘fl1pzjder’ Rahmad of Rex Regum Qeon becoming viral on Twitter. TenTen is heard yelling “f**k India” to fl1pzjder, who is from Indonesia after the two have exchanged a few words. We take the problem exceptionally seriously, and the racial remarks uttered this time are unacceptable in any condition, said NORTHEPTION. We sincerely regret any inconvenience or worry this may have brought on.

TenTen, signed by NORTHEPTION in November 2022. Was the team’s top performer in Valorant Challengers Japan, the second-tier league in the nation. The Korean Duelist had an average rating of 1.24 in Split 1 and 1.22 in Split 2, with the team placing fifth or sixth in each split. Since the beginning of 2021, the Japanese esports team NORTHEPTION has participated in Valorant. Their team competed in the VCT Stage 2 Masters in Copenhagen last year, placing ninth or tenth.

TenTen responds to the release of NORTHEPTION

TenTen issued an apology on Twitter to anyone hurt by his remarks, which he deemed “inappropriate.” He wrote, “I am profoundly sorry that I made unacceptable statements as a professional player and person. “I also take the team’s punishment very seriously. I’m genuinely sorry.

The report was released when racism in Asian Valorant gained much attention. RNG player Ali ‘Swerl’ Kobraee alleged earlier this week on Twitter that he experienced racial harassment while competing in the Valorant Champions China Qualifier. Due to an “ongoing investigation” into his claims, he later removed the tweet.

Riot bans TenTen and sends fl1pzjder a warning

Following an inquiry, Riot stated about the event on July 24, informing the public that fl1pzjder had received a warning letter and TenTen had been suspended for the subsequent four VCT matches. The incident involving former Northeption’s TenTen and RRQ’s fl1zjder has been thoroughly investigated, according to the statement. According to Riot’s policies on respectful conduct, consideration was given to the conduct levels of each player.

TenTen will be suspended immediately for the following four VCT matches, and fl1pzjder has been given an official warning letter. Any additional infractions will result in harsher punishments.

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