Twisten’s Charitable Pledge: Shorty Kills for Good Causes in the Upcoming VCT LOCK/IN Tournament

Karel “Twisten” Aenbrener, a member of Team Vitality, has committed to making a donation of 25 euros (about $27 USD) for each kill achieved with a shorty during the VCT LOCK/IN competition.

The thirty partnered Valorant teams and two invited Chinese teams will participate in the VCT LOCK/IN tournament from February 13 to March 4. Twisted, a member of the partnered team Vitality, announced on Twitter that he would give $27 to a charity that he did not name for each kill that he achieved with the shotgun sidearm known as the shorty throughout the competition.

Also, Thirty matches will take place, with the semifinals and finals being the only exceptions, as all other matches will be a best-of-three. Players who participate in the event will have a more significant number of opportunities to purchase the sidearm and win a kill while using it as a result of this.

The shorty may be a best-seller at VCT LOCK/IN.

The least expensive firearm in Valorant is the Shorty. Players can employ the Shorty as a sidearm for buy rounds or surprise opponents in unfavorable corners during eco rounds. It has two shells in a magazine and ten in reserve. Players frequently employ the gun as a surprise buy or as an additional option for close-range combat for those utilizing an Operator character.

Twisten responded to a question regarding the charitable organization to which he will give his contributions by stating that he will provide his assistance to either a charity dealing with animals, a charity dealing with mental health, or a charity for the victims of the recent earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and Syria.

The Czech athlete did not provide any specific information regarding the groups that will get donations from him for these activities.

The encouraging comments from the Valorant community have supported the charitable project, and the Vitality brand even reposted it on their official Twitter account. Fans are encouraged to check in to VCT LOCK/IN beginning on February 13 to witness how many professionals attempt to get a kill with the shorty in order to donate some money to charity.

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