Toronto Ultra defeats OpTic Texas in CDL Major 3 Grand Final by tuning out home crowd

At the CDL Major 3 Grand Final, Toronto Ultra overcame OpTic Texas in a challenging 4-2 series win by tuning out the home crowd. You must defeat the best in order to be the best. To achieve the organization’s first significant triumph since Call of Duty Cold War in 2021, Toronto recently defeated Major 1 champions New York, Major 2 winners Atlanta, and the hometown OpTic Texas.

At the outset of Major 3 Qualifiers, Toronto stunned the competitive COD world by replacing Eli “Standy” Bentz with Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks. Hicksy was about to fly back to Europe, but a month later, he joined Tornoto’s main squad and won a Major championship instead. Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst proved what he said by winning the tournament MVP award and experiencing major victory for the first time. Tobias “CleanX” didn’t miss a shot in the Grand Finals, and Jamie “Insight” Craven reminded everyone why he is one of CoD’s most considerable talents.

“Look at us. We’re the winners, honey.”

Toronto Ultra set the tone for CDL Major 3 by defeating New York in the opening match. Since he had already won the first series, Scrappy was confident in his abilities. “Following our first-round matchup with New York, we were confident we could win. The boys’ calmness throughout the weekend was incredible, remarked Scrappy.

He jokingly said, “Slamming them is fun,” after defeating OpTic Texas in the Major 3 qualifications. He continued with that vigor in Arlington and ended OpTic’s run in the miraculous losers bracket.

The rookie sensation scored 1.20 overall KD in the Grand Finals, 1.36 in SnD, 1.30 in Control, and 1.11 in Hardpoint. Insight has been a member of Toronto for around two years, and CleanX has been a member for almost three years. After discussing the various roster permutations, the two discussed what makes this Ultra team unique.

For me, it’s just keeping my fantastic, stated Insight. You should pay attention to that final; I’m proud of the boys. The map was in our favor. We maintained our composure and emerged with a dub. Since Scump in MLG Dallas 2011 under Quantic Leverage, Hicksy is only the second rookie to win his first professional LAN event. He replaced Toronto for over a year and a half and almost left before being called up.

Scrappy is never afraid to express his feelings to opponents. He had no intention of altering his behavior, MVP award or no MVP award. “With or without the trophy, I’ll talk regardless because everybody is still garbage,” he said. Because the Giants are hosting Major V in May, Toronto has an opportunity to claim a huge victory there finally. Before looking that far into the future, all eyes will be on Scrap and company as they enter Major IV qualifiers.

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