Record-Breaking Prize Pool Announced for VCT Masters Tokyo: $1 Million Up for Grabs

The amount of money up for grabs in the prize pool for the VCT Masters Tokyo competition is the most ever for an event at the Masters level. VCT Masters Tokyo information has been made public as more teams have qualified for the competition and the start date approaches. The tournament will have a GSL-style group round, a double-elimination playoff stage, and a record cash fund for this level of competition, according to Riot Games.

The tournament’s setup should come as no surprise, as GSL groups and a double-elimination playoff bracket have been a staple of nearly every VCT Masters event. The big prize pool is unexpected, as VCT Masters competitions typically offer lesser cash payouts than the global championship. Also, the prize pools for Valorant Champions 2021 and 2022 are each $1 million, and teams will receive a 50% share of the money made through the sale of the tournament’s skins. However, the VCT Masters Tokyo will be the first Masters-level competition to provide a $1 million prize pool.

Prize money for the VCT Masters Tokyo will be a record $1 million

Furthermore, the Master’s Berlin event 2021 had the highest prize fund of the other four Masters competitions over the previous two years, coming in at $700,000.

The three partnered VCT foreign leagues have subsequently been added, altering the VCT circuit. But, thanks to the adjustments and other scheduling choices made by Riot Games. Also, the only Masters-level event in 2023 will be Masters Tokyo. Riot launched its new Valorant esports model this year with the worldwide competition VCT LOCK//IN. Also, which included a prize pool of $500,000. However, there was no requirement for teams to qualify for that tournament. Thus, a smaller prize fund makes sense. The prize money for each team at VCT Masters Tokyo will be distributed as follows.

  • 1st place: $350,000
  • 2nd place: $200,000
  • 3rd place: $125,000
  • 4th place: $75,000
  • 5th place: $50,000
  • 6th place: $50,000
  • 7th place: $35,000
  • 8th place:$35,000
  • 9th place: $25,000
  • 10th place: $25,000
  • 11th place: $15,000
  • 12 place: $15,000

When the tournament at VCT Masters Tokyo begins on June 11, the 12 teams will compete for most of the prize money.

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