Professional Apex Legends player RamBeau announces retirement from competitive gaming

After three years of playing professionally for various esports organizations, Sentinels player Beau ‘RamBeau’ Sheidy has decided to withdraw from the game of Apex Legends. On March 28, RamBeau revealed to his followers on Twitter that he would no longer participate in competitive Apex Legends. The North American athlete explained his departure from the esport by stating that he had lost interest in the competitive aspects of the game.

You always have to prioritize the things in life that bring you the most joy, and unfortunately, I’m not pleased right now. It’s time I help the fam a little more, and there are other opportunities I want to pursue in life, so I’ll be retiring from comp apex,” RamBeau said. “There have been some unfortunate family affairs over the past half year, and it’s time I help the fam a little more.”

He stated that he intends to keep streaming and enjoying the game, but that is about all he plans to do outside of that. 2020 marked RamBeau’s debut as a player in the Apex Legends competitive scene. Since then, he has qualified for the ALGS Championship on two separate occasions: first, in 2021, while playing for the free-agent squad My Little Phony, and then, in 2022, while playing for GMT esports, where he placed fifth.

The professional Apex Legends player RamBeau will be leaving the game

Since the beginning of his professional career, the North American player has competed for five different organizations, including Flash Point, XSET, Torrent, The Guard, and Sentinels. After The Guard terminated the employment of the majority of its staff and gave the Apex Legends squad permission to pursue other possibilities, he joined Sentinels on March 10. RamBeau was able to earn a spot in the top 20 of the leaderboard for the ALGS: 2023 Split 1 Playoffs, thanks to The Guard.

Following the departure of the team’s most famous member, the Sentinels are one player short, with one more round of professional league competition to go in the split. On the league’s current standings, the team is in 17th position. The team has yet to announce who will take RamBeau’s place, and they have until April 16, the date of their next match, to locate a replacement.

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