Marved from Sentinels Requests to Compete Against Former Teammates on NRG Esports in VCT Americas Match

Jimmy ‘Marved’ Nguyen, a substitute player for the Sentinels, recently took to Twitter to announce to the world that he would like to participate in his team’s upcoming VCT Americas match against his former colleagues on NRG Esports. Since he joined Sentinels on March 13 as the team’s substitute, Marved has yet to participate in a single VCT Americas match with the organization. Despite this, the former player for OpTic Gaming has made a public request to be given the opportunity to compete against his former teammates now playing for NRG Esports in the upcoming match for his current squad.

Marved stated on Twitter, “I want NRG the following week from @Sentinels.” Marved is looking forward to competing against his former teammates from OpTic, who participated in each esports international competition in 2022. Pujan ‘FNS’ Mehta, Austin ‘crashes’ Roberts, and Victor ‘Victor’ Wong, who are all on NRG Esports, along with Marved, and the presently teamless Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker, won Masters Reykjavk, placed third at Masters Copenhagen, and placed second at Valorant Champions 2022. All of these players are currently affiliated with NRG Esports.

Marved approaches Sentinels with a request to compete for NRG Esports

Although Marved has issued a public challenge to NRG, it is doubtful that he will be substituted for his team’s next VCT Americas encounter. Following the conclusion of VCT LOCK//IN, Sentinels reorganized their roles in preparation for their first encounter, which resulted in a close victory over 100 Thieves. In the meantime, NRG was defeated by Leviatán 2-0 in their opening video game of the VCT Americas league. The match was a decisive setback for NRG.

Marved has yet to compete in a match of the highest level of the Valorant Championship Tour since the Valorant Champions. Still, he has spent most of his time away from competition streaming Valorant and has participated in the North American Challengers League Open Qualifiers. During that particular qualifier, he was a member of a team dubbed Untamable Beasts, which advanced to the Round of 32. His teammates included other Valorant streamers, most notably Jay “sinatraa” Won.

During the squad’s run through the qualifying Round, Marved had a 1.11 kill-to-death ratio and a 27 percent headshot rate. On April 9, Sentinels will compete against NRG in the second week of the VCT Americas tournament.

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