Mario Kart Tour Players Express Frustration with Poorly Designed New Tracks

Mario Kart Tour is a popular mobile racing game developed and published by Nintendo. It was released in 2019 and has since attracted a large player base. The game features various tracks inspired by different locations around the world, and players can compete against each other in online multiplayer matches or play through single-player challenges.

Recently, Nintendo released several new tracks as part of an update to the game. However, many players have expressed frustration with the design of these tracks, stating that they are poorly designed and do not offer an enjoyable racing experience.

One of the main complaints about the new tracks is that they are too narrow and cluttered, making it difficult for players to navigate. This has resulted in many players crashing into obstacles or falling off the track, leading to frustration and a decrease in enjoyment.

New Tracks is Criticized for Lack of Variety and Exclusivity

Another issue with the new tracks is that they lack variety in terms of terrain and layout. Many players have noted that the tracks feel repetitive and lack the unique features and obstacles that made previous tracks in the game more interesting and challenging.

In addition to these issues, some players have also pointed out that the new tracks seem to be geared more toward experienced players, making them less accessible and enjoyable for newer or casual players. This has led to a feeling of exclusion among some players, as they feel that they are unable to compete on the same level as more experienced players.

Overall, it seems that many players are disappointed with the design of the new tracks in Mario Kart Tour. While the game has received generally positive reviews in the past, the poorly designed tracks have led to a negative reaction among players. It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will address these issues and make improvements to the tracks in future updates.

Despite the negative feedback, there are still many players who are enjoying the new tracks and finding them to be a challenging and rewarding part of the game. Ultimately, the success of the new tracks will depend on the ability of Nintendo to balance the needs of both experienced and casual players, and to create tracks that are both challenging and enjoyable for all.

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