Los Angeles Valiant Announces Roster for 2023 Overwatch League Season, Returns to West Region

The Los Angeles Valiant have at long last disclosed the members of their team that will compete in the upcoming Overwatch League season, just in time for the Pro-Am tournament. Tank positions for the 2023 season have been given to Domenic “Krawi” Akrawi, Alex “Seeker” Taylor, and Brandon “NOS” Zepeda, all of whom have been chosen by the Valiant. Damage dealers are going to be Nolan “Paintbrush” Edwards, Christopher “Cjay” Smith, and William “Lyar” Ohlstein, respectively.

The team had only a few hours until their first match in the Overwatch League Pro-Am competition after they finally unveiled the lineup. Also, in a message on Twitter that was meant to be amusing, The Valiant poked fun at the idea that the company had lost control of the account it was using.

In the post announcing the release, The Valiant mentioned that two-factor authentication might be difficult to circumvent. In 2022, the regular season for the East Region was over, and the Los Angeles Valiant finished the year with a record of 7-17. Weibo, a social networking platform in China, was where the corporation made the announcement shortly before the end of the year regarding its intention to part ways with the entire roster.

Roster for the Los Angeles Valiant in OWL 2023:

  • Alex ‘Seeker’ Taylor
  • Brandon ‘NOS’ Zepeda
  • Domenic ‘Krawi’ Akrawi
  • Nolan’ Paintbrush’ Edwards
  • Christopher’ Cjay’ Smith
  • William ‘Lyar’ Ohlstein

In addition, LinGan e-Sports in China transferred and moved the Valiant esports franchise to the East Region just one and a half years ago. Also, for the 2023 season, the Valiant will be returning to the West Region (LGE). The Immortals Gaming Club, the team’s owners, renewed the agreement for 2022 after the Valiant went winless for the entirety of the 2021 season, which was dismal.

In September 2022, an Overwatch reporter by the name of Arran ‘Halo’ Spake tweeted that LGE had missed “many salary payments” to both players and employees. In his final speech before stepping down as coach of the Valiant, Wang “NoHil” Fuxing revealed that he had racked up debts while serving in that capacity. Also. The Valiant’s first game in the $100,000 preseason Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am event, which will feature franchise and Western Contenders teams, will take place on March 23 against the Saints.

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