Leduck’s Unconventional Tactics: Mocked by Mortdog for the ‘Toxic’ TFT Comp

Leduck, a streamer and primary developer on Teamfight Tactics, was mocked by Mortdog for making the “toxic comp in the game” in a fun manner. The key to winning at Teamfight Tactics is originality. The key to the game is creating a fantastic team composition using the tools provided to you. Naturally, a meta usually develops around the most robust comps available, but these may be surpassed by players that are knowledgeable about the video game and have creative thinking skills.

No player is more creative than Leduck, who produces TFT content and uploads educational films on his YouTube account. Some can feature amusing exchanges or distinctive comps that the YouTuber created. To build absurdly powerful armies, these team configurations frequently make inventive use of goods, unit abilities, and augments. Lead developer Mortdog has drawn attention to one piece in particular but for all the wrong reasons.

Leduck receives criticism from Mortdog for developing the worst TFT comp

According to senior developer Mortdog, one of Leduck’s comps caused the most toxic encounter in Teamfight Tactics. What is the TFT experience that is the most toxic? I’ll go with the Leduck Zephyr comparison. The 5 Zephyr comp is the most harmful, according to the developer. Also, for those who don’t know, Leduck devised a plan that entailed making several instances of Zephyr. On the opposite side of the opposing board, Zephyr summons a tornado that temporarily prevents hostile troops from engaging in combat. Players can target certain troops they want to take down because Zephyr creates the tornado on the exact opposite side.

In addition, to provide the enemy’s backline complete access, Leduck plans to completely dismantle the frontline with these Zephyrs. They can assassinate the carry right at the outset of the conflict because here is typically where most carriers are.

The introduction of the Twisted Fate mythology has dramatically strengthened this composition. With Pandora’s equipment augment, this tale enables players to reroll their equipment. Despite being a very poisonous comp, it’s unlikely to alter unless it starts to cause problems.

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