League of Legends T1 Faker Grapples with Arm Injury: A Career in Jeopardy?

Although T1 Faker’s career has been lengthy, he acknowledged in a press conference following their match versus Nonshim Red Force that he is currently experiencing arm pain, limiting his ability to play. With such a long professional playing history, Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hook stands out in the League of Legends community.

Many people are shocked that Faker is still participating at all, much less consistently placing nationally and internationally on the podium and setting current records within the LCK. He is widely regarded as the all-time best League of Legends player. However, he mentioned some arm pain he’s experiencing in a news conference and said it’s preventing him from playing. Longtime admirers of the popular mid-laner, who claim that Faker spilled his tablets in front of them during a fan interaction, are concerned about his health.

T1 Faker has an undiagnosed arm injury

This subject was raised following T1’s loss against Nongshim RedForce, one of the LCK’s lowest-ranked teams. Enemy mid-laner Hyeon-Seo, a member of the ‘FIESTA’ team, outplayed Faker in team fights by making some key plays with Azir. Ultimately, despite T1 winning their series, Faker felt unsatisfied with his performance. The team is performing well but far from their best from the previous year when breaking national records. “Since the match against OK Savings Bank Brion, my performance hasn’t been great because my arm wasn’t in excellent shape. Yoon Min-Seop, a reporter present during the news conference, quotes Faker as saying, “It had a big impact.” Faker then confirmed that he is receiving treatment for his arm injuries, and a T1 representative confirmed that he would see a hospital shortly for a “more detailed diagnosis.”

In addition to all of that, Faker has previously been benched. He wasn’t happy with his performance in 2021 when T1’s current lineup was still being assembled, and he spent a significant portion of that year on the sidelines as Lee ‘Clozer’ Ju-hyeon filled the position. Even while the mid-lane superstar was able to bounce back then and perform even better, it’s difficult to predict how things will turn out now that Faker’s health is at stake.

The fan claimed that the professional athlete allegedly dropped tablets with his name on them after interacting with a fan. If this is the case, it is challenging to determine Faker’s condition or how well he is doing. He might still be substituted while receiving treatment. And it’s crucial for Faker to remain in top shape given the impending Asia Games. He remains on T1’s starting lineup, though, and no statements have been made about his health outside of the press conference that followed their match versus Nongshim RedForce.

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