LCS Teams Given Permission to Field Replacement Players Despite Planned Walkout

According to recent sources, teams may be permitted to field replacement players to open the season despite the LCS players’ planned walkout before Week 1. On May 29, the LCS Players Association (LCSPA) made news when it revealed that the players had “overwhelmingly” decided to organize a walkout to begin the new League of Legends LCS season.

This choice resulted from the league’s decision to permit teams to drop their Academy rosters as a cost-cutting measure, which seven out of ten teams chose to do. The LCS players took the historic decision to forego playing as Week 1 games got underway on June 1 in response to and due to this unexpected lack of stability for players. But the league is providing a workaround for teams.

The LCS might still play its Week 1 matches even without the players

According to a report from LCS Eevee, the Week 1 game are still scheduled since clubs “have been granted permission to sign additional players post-roster lock.” This suggests that the clubs are getting ready to sign amateur players to replace the LCS players who are leaving (some were likely former Academy players and some collegiate players).

According to the allegation, the LCSPA is trying to prevent those replacement signings, possibly by urging non-PA members to support the Association. However, LCS supporters and analysts who agreed with the LCSPA’s decision have yet to be friendly to the substitute players who will participate. Many fans have denounced “scab” players who would choose to participate, while former LCS coach Invert warned that he would be “taking note” of anyone who crossed the picket line.

However, many other commenters have enjoyed the LCS owners’ predicament because it has made them field teams with native NA talent they might have otherwise passed over.

Teams have not formally introduced any players who will appear on the LCS stage this weekend and are still determining if they will hold any games.

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