LCK Player Clid Faces Allegations of Sexual Harassment as Screenshots of Explicit Messages Surface

The LCK squad Hanwha Life Esports jungler Clid is in trouble after multiple screenshots from women he allegedly chatted with have come to light. Among these is the claim that he made sexual approaches toward several women. One of whom was a minor when the messages were sent. Hanwha Life Esports was a League of Legends team with massive expectations going into 2023. After acquiring the 2021 World Champion Viper and the 2022 World Champions Kingen and Zeka.

Although they significantly underperformed those predictions in the spring, the club has improved. The team’s 4-2 record has been earned. And shows they are moved after taking sets against KT Rolster and T1 to three games and winning their other four series. However, Kim ‘Clid’ Tae-min was in trouble with LCK fans when charges of sexual harassment against him.

Leaked direct messages reveal Clid is allegedly harassing an LCK supporter

Screenshots of the sexual DMs and selfies the professional player gave the user going by “Seoyeon” were widely circulated on Twitter and by LCK fans after they were made public. Many of the reportedly sexually explicit communications Clid sent with Seoyeon included statements like “hard right now,” “cow,” and expressions of want to grope her that were purported to be evidence of affection rather than threats.

In the following hours, the player allegedly sent Seoyeon selfies over the Korean messaging app Kakao Talk and additional screenshots. Also, according to Seoyeon, she contacted Hanwha Life Esports to request compensation for the “mental damage” Clid allegedly caused her. Seoyeon claims that these grievances were, nevertheless, disregarded. She now says that she is taking additional action against the professional player. Following Seoyeon’s post, a user going by the handle “erica_ahri” accused Clid of sending sexual messages to her in 2022 while she was still a juvenile.

According to reports, Clid intended to meet up with Erica based on these texts to her. The text contained some flirty language that praised her appearance. Despite this, the two never met, based on Erica’s communications.

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