Hiding in the Shadows: The Fear of Admitting to Playing League of Legends

Due to the negative perception of MOBA games, several League of Legends players have expressed that they are “scared” to discuss their pastimes or encourage others to play with them. Since its inception, gaming has advanced significantly. What was previously viewed by many as a hobby for “nerds” is now practiced to some extent by almost everyone.

While the stigma associated with playing video games has vanished, some social groups may still humiliate you for your gaming habits. Almost all well-known video games, including Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fortnite, and especially League of Legends, have experienced periods where dunking on the game was “popular.”Players are increasingly wary of being criticized for admitting they play League because of its growing notoriety.

Afraid to admit they enjoy the game, league players

On the League Reddit, a discussion titled “Are people who play games scared to say that they play league” was established by user “Potatosarepancakes” to discuss this issue. “I’m intrigued about how many of you will admit you participate in the League. Because of the reputation that the game is so toxic, I’m often reluctant to admit that I love playing, the user in question wrote.

Some users concur with the thread’s author, acknowledging that they avoid mentioning League of Legends even in conversations about video games. In polite discourse, I avoid mentioning it. League play is like being kinked. One participant wrote, “It hurts, and not everyone needs to know you do it. A different person continues, “I would never go around flexing. I play League, and I mean never.”

Others don’t see a problem because League is just a video game like any other, and playing it doesn’t change who you are. “It seems absurd that you would be afraid to admit that you play video games. One comment states, “If someone has a problem with you playing League, the problem is with them, not you. Despite what some people may say, League remains one of the best free games you can play, and despite its advanced age, new content is still often added to the MOBA, including the wildly popular 2v2v2v2 Arena mode.

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