Fortnite Esports Evolution: The FNCS Replacement and Global Championship

Epic intends to restructure Fortnite Competitive this year, which will result in a significant overhaul of Fortnite esports in 2023.

The regular Fortnite Majors and a new invitational have a new framework in place. Additionally, $10 million in prize money has been promised by Epic for the new Fortnite Champion Series. This will take the place of the FNCS and revitalize competitive Fortnite with much-needed excitement.

Series of Fortnite Champions

Since the World Cup, each season of Fortnite esports has featured the FNCS, or Fortnite Champion Series. The year finished with an Invitational LAN rather than FNCS. High-level events, though, came to a stop there. This year’s Fortnite Majors format will change, according to Epic.

The FNCS has changed yet has persisted. No more tournaments with no seasonal connection. Instead, Fortnite competitive will consist of a single, prolonged contest that culminates in a grand final.

FNCS competitions are replaced by Fortnite Champion Series Majors. similar structure To compete in the Fortnite Global Championship, a brand-new LAN, players must play them. Every Major matters in this new system, and teams advance throughout the year to qualify for the next tournament.

Fortnite New Majors

An FNCS Major will be held three times under the new Fortnite Majors structure, most likely in the typical timeslots near the end of a Season. The Fortnite Global Championship qualifying will be decided by each of them. The best teams will be awarded a spot.

We’ll see 80 teams qualify for the LAN across all three Majors. The Last Chance Major, which will allow a few more teams to enter just in time, will come after this. There are 5 weeks between each Fortnite Major, and the Last Chance Qualifier only has 3 days. The Elite Division Cups will be replaced by the FNCS Majors for the duration of its five-week run.

The prize fund for each Major will be $2 million. Even after securing their spot, players still have a good motive to compete. This arrangement of the majors represents a change. It offers a more all-in approach than the traditional FNCS model, with each event being leaked and acting as a lead-up to the LAN.

Global Championship of Fortnite

The Fortnite Global Championship, a new LAN, will be the culmination of all competitions this year. LAN competition held in person. There will be a new competition featuring the best Fortnite players in each location. The competition will have an upper and lower bracket rather than a single lobby. Additionally, there is a $4,000,000 prize pool.

The largest competition since the World Cup is the Fortnite Global Championship. Things will improve after the Championship. Some teams, including some of the most well-known players, may reconsider quitting Fortnite in light of Epic’s new esports focus.

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