DRX Fans Express Discontent with Billboard Truck: Criticizing Past Glory and Coaching Staff

Disgruntled DRX fans imitated T1 supporters outside LoL Park, where the LCK is held, by calling in a billboard truck. The billboard stated that all that DRX has left is “past glory” and criticized the team’s coaching staff. It’s difficult to imagine a company that has suffered a more precipitous decline from Grace than DRX. The League of Legends team had struggled to define itself since 2022, when they won the World Championship with only BeryL remaining on the roster.

Despite some heroics from Deokdam, who carried the squad through the Spring split despite suffering from an ailment, the Summer split has dropped the team from ninth to last. One particularly fervent fan obtained a truck to sit outside LoL Park, denouncing DRX’s current status and taking a stand in the LCK, similar to T1 fans who rent out billboard trucks to circle the arena.

A DRX supporter arrives with harsh remarks for the LCK team

The Worlds 2022 run by DRX was noteworthy. In addition to DRX being just one loss away from not qualifying for Worlds, no team has ever won the competition from Play-Ins. If Liiv SANDBOX had defeated the eventual Worlds champions in their set, 3-2, they would have become South Korea’s fourth representative. It’s hardly surprising that DRX’s Cinderella tale brought them a ton of new supporters who were eager to cheer for the team as they sought to continue their legacy. However, People who joined the DRX hype train have seen it derailed during 2023. Fans are unhappy because despite adding some notable players, the team hasn’t been able to match the enchantment of its 2022 roster.

Several rotating messages on the billboard criticized the coaching staff and administration, stating that DRX’s “past glory” was all that remained of the squad. “An inept head coach has no place in this organization. One note reads, “Kim Mokkyeong (Micro) OUT.” The head coach, who hastily shelters behind the players, should keep in mind that his job is not one in which he may shirk responsibility. reads one more. Given DRX’s historic fall from grace, contesting the necessity for change is difficult. It remains to be seen if they can reverse this downward trend and stage a comeback, but it’s evident that the players need to be more hopeful.

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