Controversy Surrounds BLAST’s Design for Paris Major CS:GO Trophy

BLAST has released two potential designs for the Paris Major trophy, and they’re both winning over the CS:GO fandom. As the final Valve-sponsored tournament before Counter-Strike: Global Offensive takes over, the CS: GO Paris Major has never had higher stakes. Thus, BLAST is dedicated to hosting an event that will celebrate CS:GO’s legacy and close a chapter that began with the first Major in Jönköping a decade ago.

In addition, BLAST wants the CS:GO subreddit to help decide the competition’s grand reward. The slimy substance covered a section of the triangle trophy, a staple of its CS:GO competitions for years. This organic visual identification is a departure from the conventional aesthetic of CS:GO Majors and BLAST tournaments. As BLAST’s Head of Creative Solutions Faye Marlborough put in a press statement, “If Majors of the past have gone right, we want to go left.” We’re moving away from the straight lines and acute angles that Majors viewers are used to in favor of rounder shapes and more whimsical visuals. There’ll be lots of happy tears.

Fans of CS:GO can cast their ballot on between now and March 31 at 5 pm BST between two color schemes for the trophy: purple and yellow. Each of the three robots representing one of the French flag’s colors will make frequent appearances during the event transmission.

Marlborough announced to create a more upbeat and lighthearted environment for the Major broadcast, “We’re introducing the BLAST Bots — loveable rogues from the universe that acts as narrators and guides through the Major broadcast.”

A Reaction from the CS:GO Community to the BLAST Paris Major Prize

Social media users on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit heavily criticized the architecture of the BLAST esport competition. With all due respect to the creator, one Twitter user commented that this is the worst Major trophy I’ve ever seen. It’s essential that the final CS:GO Major has a genuinely memorable award.

One Reddit user commented, “It feels more like a Splatoon 3 trophy because of the goo.” If not, at least, I hope so. Also, it’s not something I strongly dislike. I’m not sure if it works with CS:GO. The Paris Major will run from May 8-21, with the playoffs happening at the Accor Arena in front of a live audience. Regional qualifying events will begin on April 6 to decide the 24 participating teams.

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