TikToker Shocked by Discovering What’s in Her Water Bottle Straw

A TikToker, also known as Jade Meme on TikTok, made an incredible discovery while drinking from a bottle. In her Instagram video, the user shows what appears to be a dark substance within the straw of the water bottle she was drinking from.

TikToker Shocking Discovery: The Dark Substance in Jade Meme’s Straw

Jade Meme can be seen drinking from a bottle, yet she detects something amiss when she takes the straw from her mouth. She cuts the straw in half and uncovers an opaque substance that she describes as “something really disgusting.”


I would be sooo happy if this is the reason I have been sick for 3 years so I can finally get an answer and get better🤞🏻 PSA that probably everyone already knows, you have to clean the straw in your water bottle😳😳 I forgot to explain in the video, I only use my drink bottle on weekdays so maybe that’s why I don’t get sick on weekends and I have often not used it for months at a time which could be when I was feeling better?? Please note, @frankgreen_official clearly state on the their website to wash all parts of the bottle each time you use it, so this is 100% my own fault for not reading or using common sense🫣

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Viewers’ Reactions: Pledging to Switch to Eco-Friendly Alternatives

The video quickly went viral, amassing over 1 million views within just a couple of days and raising many questions from viewers. Some speculated that the substance might have been caused by mold or mildew growth.

Many viewers expressed their shock and disgust over the news. Some even pledged to switch from plastic water bottles to metal or glass to protect themselves from potential health hazards.

This video has also sparked significance of regularly cleaning water bottles and their components to avoid potential health risks. Experts advise using warm water with soap every day at least and replacing parts such as caps and straws regularly.

Urgent Concern: Water Bottle Hygiene and Potential Health Hazards

It’s essential to remember that Jade Meme’s revelation may be shocking, but it remains uncertain whether the substance in her straw is hazardous. However, this serves as a reminder about the need to properly dispose of disposable water bottles and ensure they’ve cleaned up afterward to prevent health hazards.

The TikToker’s video has highlighted an urgent concern about water bottle hygiene its contents and components. Regular cleaning and replacing parts like caps and straws can help reduce health risks. Furthermore, be alert for any changes in color or flavor that could indicate contamination.

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