“Trouble Bubble” Spicy Gum on TikTok: Police Issue Warning

A dangerous TikTok challenge that required chewing gum with spicy flavors has resulted in 10 children being admitted to the hospital. As a warning story for parents about their children’s social media use and to help them comprehend the potential dangers associated with participating in these contests, police have released an infograph.

Recently, 10 children were admitted to the hospital after eating multiple packs of chewing gum at once – leading to severe burns and respiratory ailments for some users.

The Potential Hazards of the Spicy Gum TikTok Challenge:

TikTok invites users to try multiple packets of spicy chewing gum at once. Warning: the heat can be intense! These gums contain capsaicin, the chemical responsible for chili peppers’ fiery flavor. Consuming large amounts of capsaicin may cause burning and irritation to your mouth, throat, stomach, and digestive tract, as well as respiratory problems.

Parents Can Do the following:

  • Parents must protect their children from potential risks associated with the TikTok challenges. The first step is monitoring social media usage by children. Parents should be aware of their children’s difficulties and educate them on potential hazards associated with such activities.
  • Educate their children on the hazards of eating foods with a spicy flavors and urge them to limit consumption. Capsaicin, an ingredient commonly found in many dishes, should be identified so children understand how to consume these dishes.
  • Parents can help their children understand the dangers of peer pressure and how it may impact their well-being. Parents should encourage their kids to safe and responsible choices even when they go against the grain.
Parents warned of TikTok ‘gum challenge’ after students sickened in Orange

The TikTok contest is one example of the risks of participating in viral online games posted through social platforms. Parents keeping tabs on their online activities and informing them about potential dangers associated with participating in these competitions while also motivating them to make prudent and secure decisions. Doing this helps protect our kids from harm and keeps them from becoming another statistic of an ever-evolving cyberspace threat landscape.

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