Taking the Personality Style Test That’s Gonna Go Viral on TikTok

TikTok is known for its exciting challenges and trends. The most recent to be a significant hit on the app is The Personality Style Test, which tests your personality by asking questions that group you into four categories: Bold, Cute, Edgy, or Chill. But what exactly does this test entail, Personality Style Test? And how do you take action?

How to Prepare for the Test

To take the Personality Style Test, search #personalitytest on TikTok and select one of the videos included with it. Typically, these videos contain an address to the test website that can open in your browser. Once there are several questions designed to test your personality; each being multiple choice, so you must choose which best reflects who you are.


These are the types that are going to be empathetic, caring, kind, and wear their hearts on their sleeves 🤍 Is this you?? Take the Dimensional test to find out & read more! All these types share one common cognitive function as their dominant or auxiliary function: Extraverted Feeling (Fe) 🙌 This function involves a strong concern for maintaining social harmony and a desire to connect with others emotionally. It can lead to a strong desire to help others and a deep empathy for their feelings and needs. These types are attuned the emotional needs of otherd and are motivated by a desire to make them happy and comfortable! #enfj #infj #isfj #esfj #myersbriggs #mbti #cognitivefunctions

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Understand Your Results

Once you’ve taken your Personality Style Test, it;s categorized into four distinct types of people: cute, bold, and edgy or Chill. Each group has its own particular set of characteristics and traits to differentiate it from the others.

Bold indicates you’re likely confident, adventurous, and outgoing. You take risks and enjoy discovering new ideas with open arms.

Cute people tend to be upbeat, optimistic, and full of life. You enjoy making people smile by simply being around them, no matter the situation or circumstance.

Are you Edgy? Then you tend to be daring, creative, and unconventional. Your style reflects this, whether that be through fashion or passions – or both!

If you’re chill, chances are you enjoy taking things slow and being present at the moment. You might enjoy listening to music or watching films without stress or kicking back for a few moments to enjoy life.

The Popularity of the Test

The Personality Style Test has become a hugely popular feature on TikTok, with thousands of people testing their style and sharing their results. Some even created custom versions of this test with customized categories and questions.

The test has sparked many conversations and debates on the app, with users comparing their scores and debating whether they agree with the results. Users even created memes and jokes based on these findings, further cementing its status as a famous test.

The Advantages of Taking the Test

Though the Personality Style Test may seem like a typical TikTok trend, there are several advantages to taking this test. Knowing your personality type gives you valuable insights into both strengths and weaknesses and individual preferences and preferences – enabling you to make better choices and foster stronger relationships with people. This knowledge can help you make better decisions and build stronger connections.

Furthermore, taking the Personality Style Test can be an enjoyable and relaxing way to discover more about yourself and connect with others through the app. Why not try to find out what your results reveal about you?

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