Odablock shares his experiences of being kicked off Twitch

Twitch streamer Odablock recently shared his stories of being in the platform. This piece will delve into his experience and examine the more significant issue of streamers of mistreatment on Twitch.

Odablock is a well-known Twitch streamer best known for his Overwatch content. Recently, Odablock speak up out about his experience being removed from the platform and treated poorly by Twitch.

Odablock’s Story:

Odablock, real name Oda, was out of Twitch. Oda claims the reason given for his demotion was due to encouraging viewers to attack another streamer – something Oda has denied. Additionally, Oda feels untreated by Twitch throughout this process; his requests for assistance weren’t taken seriously, and his submissions were ignored.

Oda has since switched to YouTube streaming and is seeing his fan base grow. He feels that having another platform gives him more creative freedom, leading him to believe that now is a better position in terms of his career.

The Broader Issue:

Oda’s experience isn’t unique, and many other Twitch streamers share their stories about mistreatment. A major problem lies in need for more transparency regarding decision-making at Twitch and a perception that streamers lack legal recourse should disputes arise.

Another area of concern is the power dynamics between Twitch and its streamers. As the platform has grown in popularity, its influence within gaming has expanded, leading many streamers to depend on it for their livelihood. This dependency may leave streamers feeling powerless when issues arise as they feel dependent on the platform.

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Odablock’s story underscores the more significant issue with how Twitch streamers treats on the platform. Without transparency and power dynamics between Twitch and its streamers, users often feel taken advantage.

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