Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Events Suspended Due to Staff Contract COVID-19

Former US White House President Donald Trump’s activities at Mar-a-Lago, was temporarily halted after the discovery that several staff members had been diagnosed with COVID-19. This development comes amid an uptick in coronavirus-related cases across Florida.


Multiple Staff Members Test Positive for COVID-19

On Friday, Mar-a-Lago announced the cancellation of some events planned by former US president Donald Trump due to staff contracts with COVID-19. An email by club management on Friday informed members that these upcoming events must be postponed due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

It’s unclear how many staff members have tested negative for HIV, an email sent by Trump indicates the decision due to being cautious.

Florida Experiences Dramatic Increase in Coronavirus Cases

In Florida, reports of cancellation of Mar-a-Lago events come amid a rising tide of coronavirus cases. Hospitals across the state have reached capacity, and healthcare workers feel the strain.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has come under fire for his handling of the pandemic, with some alleging he has downplayed its severity and ignored advice from experts in public health. Despite increasing cases, DeSantis has refused to impose strict security measures or require masks to wear in public.

Florida Vaccination Rates Lag Behind

Another contributing factor to the rise of COVID infections in Florida attributing to the state’s low vaccination rates. According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Florida ranks 27th nationwide regarding the population fully protected against COVID-19 infections.

Trump’s Role in Vaccine Hesitancy

Former president Donald Trump has come under fire for his involvement in vaccine hesitation. Despite receiving his vaccination and encouraging others to follow suit, he made remarks that downplayed the severity of the pandemic and questioned its efficacy. Many experts believe Trump’s inconsistent message about the pandemic and vaccines may have contributed to some Americans’ hesitation to vaccinate.

Finally, the decision by Mar-a-Lago to cease operations due to several employees contracting COVID-19 underscores Florida’s continued rise in cases and slow rate of vaccination throughout the state. Trump and governor DeSantis experience criticism, it remains uncertain how best to manage this crisis over the coming weeks and years.

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