Original Super Mario Bros Movie had an Incredible Meta Ending

Super Mario Bros released in 1993, featured an exciting meta-ending that was ultimately deleted from the final film. This unexpected twist could have provided viewers with a memorable ending and potentially shaped how fans responded to it.

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In the original ending of the Super Mario Bros. movie, characters would have returned to Manhattan – an alternate dimension where most of the action takes place – but this time, they were aware they were part of an actual film and broke through its fourth wall.

The actors attended a cinema in Dinohattan to watch a film that depicted their life. It contained scenes from the production they were involve with, leaving them speechless as they saw themselves on screen for the first time. But soon enough, they understood: this world they had entered was simply that: on screen!

Why It Was Cut

Unfortunately, despite its potential to add an exciting twist to the movie, the meta-ending has a cut from the final cut. It’s believe that its complexity or confusing nature might have put off viewers.

The movie was controversial due to those who felt it lacked authenticity from its source material. Some speculated that its meta-ending contributed to this debate, disappointing more fans.

The original Super Mario Bros movie featured an exciting meta-end that was remove for some unknown reason. This could have provided viewers with a unique twist and altered how viewers perceived the film. But why was it removed? This remains to be seen; viewers are left to speculate why.

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